712 east 69th street                 
Savannah, Georgia 31405       
( Just off Paulsen st. )                       

Company Profile



Founded: 1972

Owner: Wanda Lagrone L.D.O.


Areas of expertise: Prescription Eyeglasses: anything from first time wearers to difficult prescription.

  The Optical Shop was founded by Ray Crawley in 1972.  I, Wanda LaGrone, joined The Optical Shop in 1982 and obtained my Optician License in 1984.  I am a member of The Opticians Association of Georgia. 

    The founder retired in 2000 and sold the business to me.  As of that year I have been the proud owner and operator. 

    Being an independent business owner every customer is very important to me.  My philosophy is "Do your Best and give your Best everydayBecause what you Give in life is what you will Receive." 

    I love my work and I love what I do!  Helping people is a passion.  It makes me very proud of the work I've done every-time a customer walks out my door happy.

    I can promise you this, that you will be getting the very best attention and the right eyewear for you here at THE OPTICAL SHOP!   

Your vision is important to us.


At THE OPTICAL SHOP, we care about your vision, and we ONLY use the best lenses and eyeglasses available. We have been a independent business servicing the Savannah area since 1972 and whether you need new glasses or just a stronger prescription in your old glasses, we can help you. We never cut corners and always do what's best for you and your vision. You can trust that THE OPTICAL SHOP will take care of you.

Say hello to the new you!